Inspect hard-to-reach areas

Agriculture, wind turbines, monuments, roofs, construction sites, structures, buildings ...

To present and highlight

Architecture, real estate, industry, tourism, topography, town planning, heritage ...

To share

Media, sporting or cultural event, wedding, ceremony ...


Flying over airspace or over a property will require technical skills but also knowledge of the legislation.

I am registered as a remote pilot at the DGAC. I master all the technical and security aspects necessary for aerial video and photography.

Drone flight is subject to aviation rules, some of the safety principles of which must be known :

Maximum height: 120m (derogation possible)

Any overflight of anyone inside the shooting area is prohibited.

A safety perimeter must be established on the ground, necessary for take-off and in flight.

Any flight near an urban area or a group of people requires a prior declaration to the prefecture - at least 7 days before the flight.

Overflight or theft near certain sensitive sites (Hospital, airport, heliport, etc.) is prohibited or subject to authorization. Requests related to the use of airspace may be necessary.

The drone pilot is the only judge of the completion of a flight


Batterie Mavic 3
Filtres ND


The Mavic 2 Pro is one of the reference drones. The quality of the image in both photography and video has been recognized all the more with ND film filters. It is composed of a Hasselblad L1D-20c 4K HDR 10 bit camera. 

3 Batteries allow a flight time of up to more than 1 hour. 

The Crystalsky with its HDMI output allows live streaming on social media or on FPV.

By capturing aerial and terrestrial views, our nomadic video set will give another dimension to your conferences, ceremonies, artistic performances and interviews, in professional, cultural, private, unique or wild places.